Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Serious Lack of Respect

I'll tell you, knitters around here get no respect. I was away from my desk for about an hour this afternoon, and I come back to find this...

...on the wall above my computer. In case you can't read the post-it note, it says "The yarn harlot?".

OK, perhaps I have mentioned the upcoming Yarn Harlot event once or twice at work. Perhaps I have mentioned it more than once or twice. Perhaps I have written "Harlot Day" on October 19th on everyone's calendar. Perhaps I have been going on and on about the Harlot and how she is the rock star of the knitting world, and how every knitter within a 500,000 mile radius will surely be there to welcome the famous Harlot to New Jersey. Is that any reason to mock us knitters?

Observant readers may notice that the handwriting from this post. Yes, my boss is the culprit...again. It is one thing to make fun of my car, it's another thing to disrespect the Harlot. I know who is NOT getting warm and toasty hand-knit socks for Christmas this year.


Anonymous said...

You are the lucky one going to see the Yarn Harlot and your boss is not. Surely you will have the last laugh.

HDW said...

LOL Give Him some store bought woold socks in a box full of moths! I am so jealous that you get to see the Harlot! I would love ot, absolutely love to, and NH is not that far away.........BUT then there is the whole no job for huzz thing BAH! Don't it figure!

Nichole said...

And what is it that your boss is obsessed with? We can surely brainstorm some good ideas to get him back!!!!!!!!!!
I think you should take that to the Yarn Harlot and tell her the story... she'll have something GOOD to get back to the boss!!!!!!!!

Donna Lee said...

I have only mentioned it to my supervisor because I want to leave work early on Friday. She was amused but said ok. I know that no one I work with would get it. And I'm really ok with that. I just love it when they see my socks and say, "where did you get those?" and I get to say I MADE THEM. Heehee. Impresses them every time.