Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Yes, it is Dogs On Thursday, but I have to start out this post with some lovely sock yarn that I bought from Shelly Kang (aka The Heathen Housewife) this past week. Oh, and see the pack of note cards on top? She added them to the package as a bonus. Don't ya just love surprises? The yarn is so soft and luscious, and the colors are beautiful. Can you believe Shelly dyes these herself? I can't wait to find the perfect sock pattern for the yarn. Well, one of them is for my Secret Pal, but I won't include it until the final "reveal" package just in case she stumbles onto this post and figures out who I am. Treat yourself to a visit to Shelly's website and take a look at her lovely knitting, and her impossibly sweet daughters!

Why does the sock yarn get top billing (aside from the fact that I love it so much)? So I could segue into this picture of Emma:

She was "helping" me take the picture. Such a helper. What would I do without her? Tara just sat quietly by, chewing on a nylabone, wondering what all the fuss was about.

While you are visiting other blogs, go on over to Nichole's blog. She is having a contest, and the cause is near and dear to my heart - homeless pets. There are lots of ways to help homeless animals, and several ways to enter into her contest at the same time. I've cast on for a snuggle, but haven't gotten very far yet. Still quilting that baby blanket. Quilting, quilting, quilting. It's has to be done by Saturday, so I'm taking tomorrow off from work and will be quilting my fingers to the bone.

Now for some answers to questions:

Regarding Crocs, Covered In Yarn said "I love love love the little ballet slipper style, but I have an uber narrow foot. The regular crocs swallow me whole, are the ballet's the same way or do you think I may be able to swing them?"

Well, I'm not sure, as I have an average width size 8 1/2 foot, and crocs only come in whole sizes, so the ones I ordered are size 9. They do seem to be a little narrower than the "Cayman" and "Beach" style of crocs. All I can say is to try them for yourself. The advantage to is that the shipping is free, both ways. I've sent shoes back before, and it was super-easy to do.

Regarding the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket, silfert said, "Spectacular! I've never tried a pointed edging. Was it hard?"

It was really pretty easy to do, once the edge stitches were all picked up and ready to go. I didn't follow the instructions exactly - it said to work each of the four sides separately and seam the corners. I picked up all four sides at once and worked in the round, thus eliminating the need to seam each of the corners.


Nichole said...

So Emma likes to help with the photos too, eh? I always end up with noses in mine! LOL
LOVE the sock yarns... beautiful!

lora said...

Tara looks like she's holding her bone with hands. So cute. I was reading your post on training and really relating to it. My older dog is trained, but the two yearlings behave about as well as a tame squirrel would.

Criquette said...

That yarn looks good enough to eat. i can't wait to see how it knits up.

Paula said...

Dogs and Yarn Pictures is there any better eye candy?
I just love the look on your poochs face when she has her nylabone!

HDW said...

The basket is posted on my blog and it comes from The Second Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi. Wait till you see my knitting basket, made from the same book, it is dryinf after it's tumble through the washing machine and should be ready for photo op's tomorrow! I love love love love it! I think it is incredible that I made something this neat/cool/usable! Cat is the new EZ! How is your stole coming?

eve knits said...

thanks for the well wishes, diane! it could have been much worse! if you're going to rhinebeck, i hope to see you there!

btw, the yarn looks sooo yummy!!