Monday, October 22, 2007

It Gives Me That Warm Feeling Inside

Literally, warmth for the winter. Thanks to the best Dad in the world and his trusty pickup truck, take a look at this:
You are looking at two tons of pellets for the pellet stove. Yes, 2 tons, as in 4000 lbs! We're gonna be warm this winter! Well, at least one room of the house will be warm, but it's a big room, and that's where I do my knitting--can't have frozen fingers. The rest of the house will still be like walking into an icebox, and I'll be wearing two pair of socks and slippers to bed under lots of blankets with my 52-pound-hot-water-bottle-with-a-heartbeat (a.k.a. Emma) under the covers. But my knitting chair is right next to the pellet stove, and I'll be toasty warm while I'm knitting. Nothing else really matters, does it?


Nichole said...

Matt keeps talking about replacing our wood stove (which we don't use... long story there) with a pellet stove someday... if / when we ever remodel the basement and actually have it as USEABLE / liveable space!

Thalia said...

That is excellent! One of my former co-workers had a pellet stove, I think, or something quite similar, and he used the leftover corncobs from nearby farmers after the corn harvest to fuel his heating during the winter. Brilliant - and a very low-smoke fuel to burn. And another reason to knit lots of thick socks, legwarmers, afghans, etc.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

sounds toasty! that is..of course..if we ever do get cold weather here in NJ!!