Monday, October 29, 2007

Somebody Help Me!

I used to have a couple of socks on the needles at any given time. One at home, and one in the car. Then I discovered knitting blogs and Internet pattern resources, and got a severe case of "I need to cast on [insert whatever sock pattern I happen to be reading about at any given time]right away." And don't even get me started on Ravelry. Ravelers are just a bunch of enablers! Anyway, instead of having one sock-in-progress sitting patiently on the little table next to my knitting chair, I have graduated to a footstool to hold all of my current projects.
Granted, the bottom two trays are full of sock yarn scraps that need to be worked into this mitred square blanket.
Yes, it's been a while since I touched it, but it's been way too hot here to work on such a big piece of knitting. The basket on top of the blanket holds my current socks-in-progress. (Not to be confused with the socks-in-progress that have stalled for some reason or another and are fermenting in a drawer elsewhere.)
I emptied out the contents of the basket onto the floor, and took some photos. I kind of feel like I'm airing my dirty laundry, but I'm hoping that I can shame myself into actually finishing something from this basket in the next week or two. Or three. Or four. Certainly by Christmas. St. Patrick's Day? OK, Easter, but that's it!

The top three photos are relatively recent cast-ons. The second two are socks that have been sitting in that basket for way too long and I'm getting sick of looking at them. I've either got to finish them or add them to stash of fermenting projects. The bottom two photos are a hat using yarn from my Secret Pal, and a snuggle that I read about on Nichole's blog. I got the pattern from the website. I couldn't help myself with the last two. I had never tried Soy Wool Stripes yarn before, and I just couldn't wait. (Love it, by the way). And the last item, the snuggle, is for homeless pets. Who can resist making a nice warm blankie for an animal in a shelter? Not me.

Seriously, I have to stop casting on new projects. I have run out of double-pointed least until the ones I ordered arrive. Hopefully they will be here any day now, because I really want to cast on these Rainbow Socks by Susanne Kitzmann that I read about on Shelly's website.

See what I mean? I'm hopeless.


Nichole said...

OMG, I thought I had startitis bad... lol! Love all your socks. Love the snuggle too!

Criquette said...

Heehee, looks like the Leaning Tower of Projects. Out of the sock projects, I vote for the green and orange stripey ones to be the next FO's.

silfert said...

At least they're all cool projects. I guess we should start differentiating between "yarn stash" and "UFO stash"?

BAM said...

Dearest Dianne - I'm just "catching up", but have to let you know that those "fermenting projects" are not just for knitters! I am in the same predicament with my needlepoint - and every frame I own currently holds an unfinished (stalled for one reason or another) canvas lanquishing away in some semi-hidden space! However, I do have another frame on order, so we'll see what I can do with that one!