Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Refreshing Lack of Leather

Yesterday, I placed an order with Zappos, an online shoe store that actually has a category called "Vegetarian Shoes", made without the use of leather or any other animal product. Color me happy! Guess what was delivered today?

Yes, less than 24 hours later, this package arrived. It contains two pair of Crocs - Mary Janes and Primas, both in black.

Hey, maybe I should wear one of each style! No, maybe not.

On a related note, before I discovered the joy of knitting socks, I used to make quilts. I would hurry through the patchwork or applique so I could get to the fun part - the hand-quilting! Well, mom made a baby quilt, and she doesn't like hand quilting, so I offered to do the fun part. I always used these leather thimble-type things that slipped over the middle finger on my right hand. Without it, I couldn't push the needle through the layers of the quilt. I know, metal thimbles have been used for generations, but I could never get the hang of them. Too clunky, too tight, too loose...whatever.

So now I have a quilt to be quilted, and I no longer use leather. What to do?
How about that cushy first aid tape that sticks to itself? Yes! Cut off about 4 inches, wrap it around the top of your finger, and you're in business. I'm happy, mom is happy, and the cows are happy. Happy, happy, happy!


Nichole said...

love, love, love Zappos!

Covered In Yarn said...

I love love love the little ballet slipper style, but I have an uber narrow foot. The regular crocs swallow me whole, are the ballet's the same way or do you think I may be able to swing them?

Jennifer said...

That's a great quilting solution. Aren't crocs comfy? I love mine and wish I bought them earlier in the season!