Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This year was the best Halloween that I can remember. I took the day off work, and Mom and I went to the Halloween parade at my sister's school. This is her first year as Principal at the elementary school, and, after 20+ years of teaching 8th graders, and 7 years in administration at the high school level, this was quite a switch. She had to dress up in a costume! Hilarious! After weeks of agonizing over what she could be, (while still maintaining a shred of dignity and credibility) she decided that a scarecrow would be the least embarrassing costume. OK, I set to work. Fabric for patches, raffia for "straw", hat, birds and bandannas all transformed an ordinary pair of jeans and denim shirt into this:
Here is a full length shot of her with some of the kids:

And here she is with nephews Zach and Danny, who are going to have a little sister very soon:

And here she is in her office saying "This had better not end up on your blog!" I assured her that the only reason I took off work was to get some pictures for the blog. Happy Halloween!

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Criquette said...

You did a great job on the costume! And you can assure her that she definitely looks Dignified and Credible.