Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oooo, Pretty!

You may remember a recent frogging incident, but at least that sock did not die in vain. Behold, the Garter Rib sock from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch! Love the pattern, love the yarn - look at how the colors "pool"! I've just turned the heel on the first sock. I made the leg only 5" long, which is shorter than I usually do, but this is the first time I have used this yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Merino Supersock) and I didn't want to be caught short.

I have an unexpected day off work today. There are a gazillion trucks on my road, ripping up the road and putting down a new layer of asphalt. Not a good enough excuse to miss a day of work, you say? Add one neurotic Brittany (who shall remain unnamed) to the mix. OK, here's a hint. Her name starts with an "E" and rhymes with.... what rhymes with Emma? Ooops, I gave it away :) Yes, Miss Emma is a tad neurotic. Tara is so very calm, and takes everything in stride. Not Emma. I always leave the television on for the dogs during the day to distract them from noises outside, but the television cannot compete with heavy equipment ripping up the street.

Now, what to do on my new-found day off? Watch Pride and Prejudice while knitting? Not a chance. Too much to be done around here. Besides, who could pay attention to the movie when every few minutes it's "Emma, calm down." "Emma, stop barking." "Emma, it's OK." "Emma, come to Mommy." "Emma, will you give me a freakin' break and stop that infernal barking before my head splits in two." OK, that last one was an exaggeration. A slight exaggeration.

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Nichole said...

So you got the barksters too, huh?
I LOVE that yarn colorway!