Monday, September 24, 2007

What a way to brighten someone's day!

I got a package...I got a package! I LOVE packages!!! My mystery Secret Pal from SP11 sent be a box of goodies! I opened it up and found this:

Then unwrapped the goodies and found this:
Sorry for the lousy pictures, but the light was fading fast. My pal sent me a skein of Patons SWS - Soy Wool Stripes in a lovely shade called "Natural Green". It has shades of green, yellow, rust and peach, and I can't wait to try this yummy yarn! In the note she said to look up the yarn in Ravelry for suggested patterns. What a great idea! I LOVE Ravelry! Hmmmm, this means my pal is on Ravelry, too...a tiny clue as to her identity. Another clue - the postmark is from Missouri. Ok, a knitter in Missouri. That narrows it down a little bit. A very little bit. This is so cool to be making friends from half a country away!

Back to the goodies... To hold the yarn and keep it nice and neat while knitting, there is a super-cool project bag by Knitpickers. Also included is a box of Chocolate Hazelnut Tea (which is yummy --I put Splenda and milk in mine, and it is so soothing), Swedish fish sea creatures (also very yummy!) and a woolly sheep tape measure.

Here is a picture of the knitpickers bag ready for action. See the hole in the top to feed the yarn through? There is one on each end so you can put more than one skein of yarn in there at a time and everything stays neat and tidy. Yay!

Oh, and the sheep tape measure, it's going to work right away. This was my old method of measuring knitting:
Yes, an ugly old tape measure hanging from a lamp by my knitting chair. How embarrassing! Now I will have a cute little sheepy that looks impossibly cute when just sitting there, but is ready to jump to action when required!

Thanks Secret Pal, for everything! I love it all!!! I know what I'm having for dinner.....


Nichole said...

What a great swap package! I just found those Knitpickers bags at Michael's yesterday and I got one that is like a sock bag, with a drawstring top. Very cool!

KimT said...

great package! its nice to get good things in the mail. beats the heck out of bills!

HDW said...

WOOOOHOOOOO I am so bummed that I got left out of SP11. Although now I believe it happened for a reason.......although I probably have enough stash to supply 10 secret pals......but then you add postage and things.....BAH. I love the bag, and the colors of te yarn.........the tea sounds scrump-de- lee-ump-cious!

silfert said...

You have a very clever Secret Pal, it seems.

Criquette said...

What a fun package! I love the yarn, I've used soy wool and it is so nice to knit with. And the sheepie is cute, too.