Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

For this week's Dogs on Thursday post, Emma and Tara wanted to bring to everyone's attention the shocking lack of toys in their home. They say they are poor, deprived dogs, and every other dog in the neighborhood has way more toys than they do.

Of course, this would have nothing to do with the fact that any toys that are brought into this house that are made up of anything weaker than, say, TITANIUM, are immediately destroyed by Miss Emma. Sure, she acts like she is going to be a well-behaved little girl and promises not to hurt her toys. That lasts for about 90 seconds, then she decides that her toys must die. Not a peaceful death, either. Limbs must be chewed on. Heads must be ripped from torsos. Stuffing must be strewn all over the place. Anything that vaguely resembles a squeaker must be rooted out of its hiding spot and destroyed. This narrows choice of toys down to the hardy Nylabone in its many shapes and forms.

This week, (just in time for Dogs on Thursday) Emma and Tara received an order they placed with PetEdge (their favorite online shop), and what did it contain? You guessed it, Nylabones galore! It's a good thing, because there was a noticeable lack of Nylabones in the house as you can see from this picture.
Yes, that picture was taken before they were given their new bones. I count one...two...three... well, close to eleventy-gazillion nylabones on the rug in this room alone. Trust me, there are many more in the house, but they go into hiding until the middle of the night when you have to get up and go to the bathroom and stumble around in the dark and step on one of those ^%$#%&-ing bones and it gets you right at the softest part of your foot and you know you will be limping for days. But I digress. Here are Emma and Tara getting new bones.
Here is Emma enjoying her new bone.

Here is Tara enjoying her new bone.

Here is Emma when she realizes that Tara has a new bone.

Here is Tara with her new bone strategically placed under her chin.

Here is the incredulous look on Emma's face as she says to me, "Hey, I'm the queen of all new toys in this house. Take that bone away from Tara and give it to ME!"
It's gonna be a looooong night. Knitting content in the next post - I promise.


Stephanie said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

Nichole said...

LOVE the pics. Lola & Tut do the chin thing too, lol.
Have you tried some Orbee toys from Don't get the small ones, but if you get the larger bones & balls, they are pretty durable (we have 3 destroyers too)...

kasiaiscarly said...

I found your blog on the SP11 participants. The only toy's my dog Zosia doesn't destroy (aside from kongs, but those aren't really fun to play with!) are the squeaky toys from Bass Pro Shop. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be for training, but they hold up amazing. They are by Premire Dog Toy. We just bought the raccoon yesterday. .. the fox and the squirrel are in regular rotation :)