Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drumroll, please.

You knit with a new (to you) sock yarn. You knit with a new (to you) pattern. As the sock progresses, you start to wonder if you have enough yarn to complete both socks. You knit and knit, and the ball of yarn gets smaller and smaller. Your wonder turns to worry. Your worry turns to downright anxiety. Finally you finish the first sock. You do not weave the toe stitches, certain that you will be frogging the whole *&^$#)* sock, anyway. To humor the knitting goddesses, you drag out your yarn scale.

The finished sock (with two dpns) weighs 56 grams.

How many grams was the original skein? 100 grams? Where is that freakin' ball band? Who knows. If it was 100 grams, you're most likely screwed. With trembling hands and a fluttering heart, you gently place the remaining yarn on the scale.

Yay! 63 grams! Plenty of yarn left for another sock. You celebrate by.... cutting the grass? pulling weeds? doing laundry? NO WAY. You cast on that second sock right away. What better way to relieve knitting-induced stress than by, you guessed it, knitting!


Anonymous said...

It sounds as though knitting is way too stressful. I'm glad I only know how to knit one type of sock with one type of yarn!
Your sister D. :-)

KimT said...

the yarn looks yummy! glad you had enough!

Criquette said...

This is the kind of thing that scares me away from sock knitting. Thank Yarn for a happy ending. The finished on is really pretty, though. And that's the kind of thing that makes me want to try sock knitting.
Hugs to the pups.