Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ode to #7

Ahh, fair Jaywalker,
You are my seventh pair.
I love your pattern,
Your yarn, beyond compare.
Grumperina’s pattern,
Is my favorite, so far.
No other socks,
Have been up to par.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill,
Merino Supersock,
From my
Secret Pal 10,
(Hey, Eve, you rock!)

I know you must think,
That I'm pretty fickle.
I worked on you for days,
But now I'm in a pickle.

Yes, I love your pattern,
Yes, I love your yarn,
But I got a
new sock book,
And all I can say is "Darn"!

Between the Mosaics and the Ribs,
Cabled, Gartered and Waffled,
My heart is beating faster,
And my mind is becoming baffled.

Not for ordinary yarn,
These patterns are so cool.
I’m paging through this book,
And beginning to drool.

What sock shall I knit?
Of which pattern am I most fond?
One thing for sure, dear Jaywalker,
You are going to the frog pond.
Ahh, fair Jaywalker,
Pair number seven.
If there is a God,
I'm sure you are in Heaven.


Criquette said...

(sniff) But it was too young to die!

HDW said...

I love that sock book to pieces....you might consider spiral inding it at staples or some similar office store!!

Nichole said...

I have got to cast on my first pair of jaywalkers!!!

Mrs. H said...


silfert said...

Slicker than...um...that was really cool. :)

Donna said...

Very nice lambic pentameter.