Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Emma and Tara read about "Dogs On Thursday" at Nichole's blog, and decided that they would like to be featured on mommy's blog each week.

Here are the little beasties beauties enjoying a ride in the car:

They say that every day should be "Dogs on Thursday," as there is really no need to talk about knitting or kayaking or anything in the world except for them!


Pooch said...

They have very healthy attitudes!! Looks like they enjoy riding in the car!!


Stephanie said...

Those are some happy faces!

Paula said...

Now those are some happy dogs!
Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
(sorry I am late this week)
P.S. great knitting too!

silfert said...

Dogs on happy pills! Such cuties; Rufus has the same smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Those dogs are absolutely laughing! Here's a hint about me: I like dogs, too.

KimT said...

the dogs deserve a place on the blog. they are the cutest.

Nichole said...

Cute pic!!!!!!