Sunday, August 5, 2007

Loving Ravelry!

If you haven't signed up for the waiting list to join Ravelry, just go over there and do it. You won't be sorry. That is, if you knit or crochet. Otherwise, well, never mind.

Anyway, I've been loading pictures of my stash and WIPs, and there is a little place for comments on the projects. As I was entering the information on the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket I've been working on, I wrote a short comment - something like "there are errors in the pattern-- must remember to search for errata on the Internet." A couple of days later, there is a message in my Ravelry mailbox:

Hi Dianne,
In case you haven't located it yet, the Debbie Bliss website has the errata for this pattern.

I love the color you are using. Have fun!

How cool is that? I didn't even know that my comments would be viewable (is that a word?) by other Ravelers (now that CAN'T be a word!) but they are, and someone was kind enough to help me out. Thanks, Hope!

Here's a recent picture of the blanket. Half way done! Woo Hoo. That is, it's half done if you aren't counting the border, which I am totally NOT counting. I'm going to do the border, but I don't start counting that until the body of the blanket is done. Weird, I know, but my rules!


Nichole said...

Loving the blanket!

silfert said...

Of course you don't have to count the border! It's the border, not the blankie. Totally different thing. Looks great, though. :)

HDW said...

Ravelry rocks!!! I love the blankie and it seems to be flying off the needles!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

KimT said...

The blanket is awesome! WOW! I am in ravelry but have yet to get myself going there. I will once all my summer traveling is done.

Mrs. H said...

So pretty! I love the color!

Donna said...

I signed up for Raverly but haven't heard from the yet at all. I should check agin. That blanket is awesome. Way to go!

Tracy said...

Oh, the blankie is looking great! I've resisted Ravelry sounds like getting another "job." I've noticed my one-to-one correspondence with folks already suffers if I'm keeping my blog decently up-to-date, and shoot, we still want time to knit, right? :-)

BTW, Emma didn't look especially excited with the Jaywalkers ;-)

moosie said...

Hello, that blanket looks really cute! Thats cool how the letters are created with the yo's. I got my Ravelry invite a couple weeks ago and I love it, Just trying to find the time to update it with my stash and projects and still post on my blog, Im sure I'll figure out a way, btw, thanks for the post on my blog, Josh Groban is so amazing!!