Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My third pair of Jaywalkers! I just love this pattern. I made a minor change on this pair -- picot edge at the top instead of ribbing. I'll definitely do it again. In fact, I have already cast on for another pair. I just can't stop myself!
Look who has claimed them as her own. It's sweet little Tara. She also answers to Tata, Tata Dog, Toodles, Toodle Bug, Oodles of Toodles, Tattoo, Pigeon Toe Dog, Pidge or Wooly Bear. Of course, when I say "answers to" I don't mean to imply that she will "come" "sit" "stay" "roll over" or any of those other mundane things that some dogs do to pander to their owners. I just mean that those are other names I call her while she looks at me with those sweet eyes of hers. She just loves it when I give her kisses and sing a sing-songy version of Camelot but instead of words it's all "ta ta taaa, ta ta taaaa" to her. Of course when I say she "loves it" I really mean that she will tolerate it. She "tolerates" it much better if I am feeding her treats while singing to her!

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Mrs. H said...

Aaawww... she's so cute! Maybe you should make her some doggy Jaywalkers. :)