Tuesday, May 1, 2007

And the winner is....

That's right, the "We Want Clear Crocs" contest is over. If Crocs decides to make clear crocs, you can all pat yourselves on the back. So, six bloggers entered the contest, and I have thought long and hard about how to draw the winner. Actually, not very long, or particularly hard. I knew it had to involve the dogs, though. What I did was print out the comments, cut them apart, placed them on the rug in a carefully planned, painstakingly random manner, and let the dogs in the room to choose.

Note the carefully carefree placement of the slips of paper:

Note the lovely Emma diving right in and picking one out of the group:

Emma is revealing the name of the winner.... It is Knitting Mama! (Go visit her blog - she had the cutest baby boy!)
Congratulations Knitting Mama! As your prize, you can choose a skein of sock yarn from my latest stash acquisition. I just got some Opal sock yarn, and these are the five colors:

It's kind of hard to see from this picture, but the top three look to be all the same patterning, and are, left to right, lightest to darkest. I cast on a pair of Jaywalkers using the middle yarn (Number 2) and this is what they look like so far:

Anyway, Knitting Mama, send me and email at [ dwood333 AT hotmail DOT com ] with your choice of yarn and your mailing address, and I'll send it off to you pronto! Thank you all for participating. I had fun!

Hmmm... Does anyone else notice a certain color popping up an awful lot in this entry?

Yikes, those are some bright toenails!
More tomorrow. Off to bed for now.


Knitting Mama said...

Wow! I never usually win things!


I choose number 4! (I think I own number 5 already! The colorway looks familiar!)

Should I email you? :)

YEY! THANKS You made my day!

Criquette said...

What fun toes you have! Now that you have planted the idea in my brain, I desperately want a pair of clear crocs. I think I'll email them another request today.

Jennifer said...

Woo hoo that's my cousin who won!