Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blankie Update Friday, Saturday, ok, Sunday

Late again on the blankie update. You would think I had more than 9 squares to report, but no. Nine, from two weeks work of knitting. It's just getting so hot and humid here, and if I have a choice of working on the big old blanket, or an itty bitty sock, I'll choose the sock every time. I'm thinking of just putting the blankie away for the summer so I don't have to have it staring at me from its basket while I'm working on socks. Hey, blankie, don't look at me like that. Where do you think all of your scraps come from??? Socks! And if I don't knit socks, it's "no yarn for you!"

We'll see. Pretty soon I'm going to start on another baby blanket. A dear friend is expecting, 14 weeks along, and she is going to find out if it's a boy or a girl, hopefully at her next ultrasound appointment. If the wee one isn't too shy, I'll buy the appropriate color. If he/she doesn't cooperate, it'll have to be a white blanket.


Knitting Mama said...

Your blankie is looking good. How do you cast on a square on the edge? Pick up the stitches on one square, and then cast on the rest, since it's on the edge, and not going between 2 squares, where you'd normally pick up stitches from both side squares?? Do you follow what I mean? I have to add a square to the side, and I'm just a little unsure... please let me know!

Mrs. H said...

Hmmmm... if the baby is shy, you could knit the blanket in white and then dye it later. :)

KimT said...

that blankie looks great.

Tsuki said...

instead of white, you could do a nice summery yellow, or do a multi-colour with some pink and some blue or other pastels?
Still, white looks fab on newborns.

Loving the blanket too, so much patience! I'm making a big blanket in chunky yarn and it's still going slow!