Friday, May 11, 2007

Blankie No-Update Friday

What was that I said last week about only completing 5 squares on the blankie last week..."There's always next week." Well, that came back to bite me on the butt. This week? None. Actually a portion of one, but less than half of a square, so I'm not counting it. My excuse? None. I have no excuse. Here is a picture of it sitting on top of my baskets of scrap sock yarn, waiting for a little love and attention.
The yarn scraps are sorted into three categories. The basket on the floor contains only balls of yarn that have enough yardage to make the large squares, and has larger striping patterns, and I don't use them for anything BUT large squares until they get small enough to go into the top basket. The bottom rectangular basket contains balls with enough yardage to make large or small squares, and I use that yarn for both sizes. The top rectangular basket contains the smallest balls, some of which will make a square with just inches to spare. I try and use these sparingly and place them strategically throughout the blankie. Some might call this set up kind of anal, but they just don't fully appreciate my method. I guess it's a "You say to-MAY-to and I say to-MAH-to" kind of thing.

The only knitting I accomplished this week was last Saturday. My sister and I went to Wegman's and she drove so I could knit. If you have never been to a Wegman's, and there is one within 100 miles of you, drop everything and go. It's a great store. Be careful on the way back though, because you could be innocently driving down the Interstate, minding your own business, and out of the blue a rock could come and WHACK a big old hole in the middle of the windshield of your new car that you got just 4 days ago. That could never happen, though, right? Wrong. My sister felt so bad about it that she paid for the new windshield. It wasn't her fault, but there you go. She's the best! The only thing is, every time I picked up some knitting for the rest of the week I pictured that crack in my new windshield (I had to stare at it for about 25 miles). Oh well, it could have been worse. We were still about 15 miles from home, and saw two surf boards by the side of the road and three teenage boys running back along the highway to pick them up. A surf board would have put a whole lot more hurtin' on the car than a rock did...

Look what brightened up my day today, though. I got a package from my SP10! Do you see the lovely color of the Opal sock yarn? Mmmmmm. And there was a pattern for a poncho, and the all important, ever appreciated, CHOCOLATE!!!

In her note she gave me another clue...she works at Yankee Candle. Double Mmmmmm. Yankee Candles are only the best in the whole wide world! She said that I can look forward to candles in the future. Yay! Thanks Secret Pal.

P.S. One of the bags of candies is already gone. I just might eat the other one, too, and call it dinner!

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Shelby said...

Great package- the Opal is such a great color! And I'll second the Wegmans thing! I grew up with one in every town, and now the nearest one is 45 minutes away. Yes, I do go every few months to stock up on certain essentials. I almost did cartwheels when I heard they're building one 20 minutes away!!