Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another no-blankie update

Yes, I have fallen behind. No measurable progress on the blankie this week. Next week...I promise. It has been too nice outside to justify staying inside and knitting. The chickens were let out of their chicken yard for a while today. Look what Ducky found:
That's the patch of ground where I planted 6 dozen sunflower seedlings. She's having a great time scratching around looking for worms, and being none-too-careful around the flowers. At least she was having a good time.

Here she is again in the sunflowers, with Joey looking on from the background. Some cat. He won't even keep the chicken out of the flowers.
Speaking of Joey, look how nicely his tummy has healed - just a few months ago it was red and raw and naked looking from being shot with a BB gun.

This is a view of the garden after I put in strings for the pole lima beans to climb up, up to the sky and produce lots and lots of beans. They're pretty scrawny looking right now. I have my doubts about this crop. Oh well, there's always the Green Giant.
And here is a view of this week's dog-food. Yummm. I have the making of Mable's Meat Loaf down to a science. (For the recipe, look at the sidebar of the blog- it's near the top. I'm too tired to do the linking-thing tonight.) Anyway, I make up about a dozen batches of the dry ingredients and keep them in ziploc bags until the day of the meatloaf making. During the week I'll cook a pot of beans in the slow-cooker, and then puree and freeze them, 2 cups per bag. Another night I'll cook up 6 pounds of frozen veggies, puree and freeze them, also 2 cups per bag. Then for the big day, I'll cook up the rice, thaw the veggies and beans, and add catsup, worcestershire sauce and eggs, and my sister S will weigh out the proper amount of meat (eeewwww, I hate touching meat!) and mix it up with the wet and dry ingredients. We make three batches, which makes six meatloaves. This will keep the dogs in dog-food-heaven for nine days.
Man, does that oven need to be cleaned. Another day. I'm going to bed now. The Benadryl I took for my poison ivy is kicking in.


Criquette said...

Ducky and Joey are perfectly acceptable substitutes for the blankie and heeding the call of the garden on a beautiful weekend is more than acceptable!

Knitting Mama said...

At first glance, I thought you had chocolate cakes by the mass in your oven.. LOL... mmmmm chocolate cake.... (can you say Pmsing?)!


Mrs. H said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Like your blog, too, and I really want to try the meatloaf recipe for my dogs! I quit giving them canned food about a month ago and they miss it. This sounds like something they would love!

MB said...

Please post picture of the sunflowers when they're in bloom. I'm planting some this weekend and can't wait to see them.

Love the meatloaf recipe. I'm going to make it for my dog. We're trying to avoid the store-bought stuff after the recent recalls.