Thursday, January 4, 2007

Holey Moley...

....what happened to them there socks? As I was pulling out my mitered square blankie to work on (after too many weeks stashed in a basket, pining away for me to give it some attention, like those poor souls from the Land of the Misfit Toys), and look at what I found. A bunch of socks in sorry need of repair. With all good intentions, I packed the blankie back into its storage basket, and decided to share these pics with you in an effort to shame myself into finally, FINALLY, getting around to repairing the poor socks.

This sock is just worn out, and even though this is a "replaceable heel", I hate doing this heel, so these socks have been sitting in this state for forever and a day:

Could be just worn out, from the location, but I don't think so. I will, however, give the dogs the benefit of a doubt and not blame this on them.

Again, could be normal wear and tear.

This one I KNOW did not occur naturally. I know this because I had to wrestle it out of my precious Emma's mouth....

See, she can't stay away from my socks. While shooting these images, she had to come over to investigate what I was doing with her woobies. Hey - I keep telling her that my socks are NOT her woobies, but I think it is falling on deaf ears. She thinks that anything soft and squishy that fits in her mouth is a woobie.

Anyway, the blankie went back in its basket. Just when I have officially joined the Mitered Square Blankie Knitalong, too. Shelly will be doing weekly updates on Fridays, and I am determined to do the same. Now it's a toss-up. Should I do the repair and replace routine on theses old socks, or should I work on the Jaywalker sock that is a Christmas present? Back to the Jaywalker...NOW! No excuses! Really, who would choose to darn socks when you can work on a pretty new one?

Gotta go and get another woobie away from Emma...

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