Friday, January 5, 2007

Blankie Business

Well, last night I did not work on repairing holes in old socks, so you might think I finished the Jaywalker socks, right? Wrong. I only have a couple of inches to go on the foot, but every time I pick them up and get going on them, my carpal tunnel flares up. It's been bothering me for several weeks (again) and I'm trying to ignore it. When I can't ignore it, I pop some Advil or whatever is handy and give the wrist a rest. Anything to avoid getting an evil injection again. [shudder]

Anyway, I put down the Jaywalker socks and picked up the baby set - very soft, larger needles (size 2 & 3), a loosey, lazy, lacy pattern that doesn't bother my wrist so much. Almost finished with the sweater front & back.

Since it's Friday (TGIF), here is my first Mitered Square Blanket update:


But here are some pictures anyway. This is the blankie covered with the scrappy sock yarn that is just waiting to be turned into blocks.

This is a shot of just the yarn ---- oooooohhhhhhh. Much easier to see it on the floor as opposed to the blankie. Kind of makes you want to jump right in and roll around in it, doesn't it?

I promised myself that I would finish the Jaywalkers, since Christmas was a couple of weeks ago. They are for a dear friend, and she doesn't knit, but has a great appreciation for hand-knit socks. I know all will be forgiven when she sees the Jaywalkers - the colors just scream her name. I will finish the jaywalkers this weekend. Repeat after me...I will finish the Jaywalkers this weekend. Look for a picture of the FINISHED Jaywalkers on Monday. Really.

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