Friday, January 12, 2007

Blankie update: 19 squares

Well, even though I have not set a goal for the number of squares to be completed each week, I think 19 squares is pretty darn good. Especially since I have made no progress at all on the baby set. Couldn't be helped, though, as I've been sick this week and didn't want to knit any germs into the sweater & bonnet that might linger and infect the baby. No, I don't really think that could happen, but it has eased my conscience about neglecting all other knitting in favor of the blankie. Also, better safe than sorry, right? Who knows how long sore throat germs can stay alive?

Here's an updated shot of the blankie.

And here's a close-up where you can see the cotton yarn I use to keep track of progress from week to week. Now I'll just rip out the cotton yarn, and re-insert it along the new top edge of the blankie, and I'll know how many squares I have knitted since the previous update. You might also be able to see four safety pins - these are marking the spot where I want to add a large block. It's just a reminder not to add a small block in this spot as I am knitting along.

Hey - who's that checking out the blankie? Why, it's Mellie, of course. She had to get into the action. She is such a helper!

I'm off to make myself a cup of tea with honey, take my cough medicine, and hopefully fall asleep for a few hours.

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Shelly Kang said...

Hey, Dianne, Blankie's looking gooood! Cute puppies too!