Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Special Guests for Dogs on Thursday!

Remember sweet little Shea from this post a few weeks ago? She was back at work with her daddy today, and guess who else was there...her brother!
Shea is on the left, and her brother Mack is on the right. One of the other ceramic artists who works here got a little boy from the same litter. These two lucky pups have regular play dates!

When I found out that they were both in the pottery studio, I grabbed my camera and headed down there to get some puppy photos. Just for the blog, you understand. I didn't go down there because I want a puppy of my own so bad that I jump at any chance to hold one of these furry little souls and look in their puppy eyes and kiss their puppy bellies and get my face licked and my fingers chewed on by those needle-sharp teeth. Nope. That's not it at all. It was just for the blog.

Don't they look like the are on the prowl for mischief?

It was really hard to get photos of these two little fur balls of energy! Here is Mack sitting on Shea...
...and since turn-about is fair play, Shea "attacked" Mack! But in the end, all is well.
I need a puppy! Or two!


Sue said...

Me too!!!

margo said...

OHHHHH puppy breath

Channon said...

Oh, aren't they just precious!!!

Nichole said...

I need a dose of puppy breath!!!!!

Jenny W said...

adorable!! Any and all puppies are too cute ... but Goldens just steal my heart :)