Saturday, February 27, 2010

Even more white stuff.

More. White. Stuff. Ugh! Here is a recent picture of my house at Fortescue. Well, not MY house, but it would be if I were rich and knitters with dogs ruled the world.
See all that white stuff? Hateful. Even people who like it are so very sick of it this year. Have I mentioned how much I hate it? That's all I'm going to say about it.

On to more pleasant topics. Here is a shot of Cooper and Tara relaxing while I'm on the Wii.

Emma is nowhere to be found. As soon as I turn on the Wii, she takes off. For some odd reason, she doesn't like the Wii. It might have something to do with me shouting at the TV like a crazy woman every time I get knocked off of the obstacle course, or ride my bike off a cliff, or crash my plane into the side of a volcano. Who can say for sure?

Look at Cooper's back legs. They're twisted! That can't be comfortable!

This boy just cracks me up!


Sue said...

He just has his legs crossed, Mom. Just like the leading men in the movies.

Morgan gets upset when I run my sewing machine. She doesn't like the noise it makes or me swearing at it.

knittingitout said...

I love Coops! He is so freaking cute!

Channon said...

That's funny... the crossed legs. And we've already discussed that Gretchen doesn't care for the Wii either.

Nichole said...

After our torrential rains and hurricane winds wreaking havoc on NH Thursday, I'd take 2 feet of snow anyday over that! =}

Susan said...

I wish my dogs didn't like the Wii. They seem to think it's interactive for them, too. Whenever we play, they run around or decide to get off the couch and nap under our feet. We're constantly hitting them (accidentally) with the Wii remotes or tripping over them while playing but they are not discouraged.