Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dogs on Thursday

This week we have another special guest for Dogs on Thursday. A little puppy named Oso.

I hope I'm spelling his name right. It is pronounced "Oh-So" and is Spanish for "bear". I work with Oso's grandmother (and it's her birthday today - Happy Birthday Beverly!!!) and Oso's mommy and daddy brought him in for a visit.
Oso is part English and part French Mastiff, and yes, he is still a puppy. He weighs approximately 160 lbs, and is only 12 months old. He is still eating puppy chow, and won't go to "big boy food" until he is 18 months old. He is eating 120 lbs. of food a month, and will probably grow to be around 220 lbs. Let me tell you, that is one biiiiiig dog.
He's the sweetest natured dog, though, and is even a little skittish around strangers, especially men. Such a gentle giant!

In other news, it's snowing again. Yes, again. I've lost track of how many inches of snow we have had this year, but we are expecting another 12 inches or so before this storm moves out sometime tomorrow night. Have I mentioned how much I hate snow? I do. I really, really do. The only good part about it is a snow day off from work. Woo Hoo!

I got up this morning and after a nutritious breakfast of coffee and Doritos, got right on the Wii Fit. Before I knew it, an hour went by. I'm loving this new toy! It is totally kicking my butt, especially the Obstacle Course, but I'm having soooooo much fun!

Off to get some knitting done, now. There are three babies due this year, so I have two blankets in progress at the moment, with yarn for another blanket and a sweater waiting for me to get around to casting on the needles. So much to knit, so little time...


Sue said...

What a beautiful pup. I love Mastiffs. They're so big and gentle.

Sounds like you have plenty to do inside so you can ignore the snow. It's almost March, spring has to be on the way.

Channon said...

Oso is impressive. I need up to date photos of Sophie, I think!!

And we must have different version of Wii Fit. I don't have an obstacle course. Tell me more!

Nichole said...

Awww.. Oso sure is a cutie!!!! =}