Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to my mom! How old is she? I shouldn't say, but here's a hint. We celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this week! Oh, heck, I'll save you the trouble of clicking on the link and just tell you! She is 75 years young. Here is a photo from this past summer at Fortescue.

Love you mom! That photo was taken this past summer at Fortescue. Notice the lack of snow in that picture? I'm beginning to think we will never get rid of the hateful white stuff. We got dumped on again this week.
Terrible stuff. Absolutely horrible. I don't know how many inches we got yesterday (in addition to the blizzard from last weekend) but our total snowfall for the year has surpassed all records, and they've been keeping track of this stuff since the last Ice Age. I am so very sick of snow. Even the dogs are getting tired of it. They go out and "do their business" and come right back in.

The only good part about this snow is that Cooper has gotten in touch with his "inner artist" and delights in, ummm, decorating the snow. I call him my little Pee-caso! I was going to post some pictures of his "artwork" but one of his pee paintings looked a bit like the Virgin Mary, and I didn't want any nut-jobs flocking to the house to pay homage to a pile of snow.

Emma and Tara have been busy guarding the house from Juncos, Cardinals and Chickadees.

Emma says "Hey, do you see any songbirds in the house? No! You're welcome!!!"

Cooper is taking a break from his artwork. It's hard work...or at least dehydrating work. Oh, how he suffers for his art...

Me? I'm taking a break from the snow right now. My sister and I cleared mom and dad's driveway this morning, then our own, and then dug our cars out. Well, my car isn't exactly free of the snow yet. It just kept spinning wheels and getting deeper and deeper in the snow. I don't think it will move again until May, or maybe June. That's ok, though, because look what I got!
Yes, I treated myself with my income tax refund. I couldn't get what I really, really, really wanted with my refund, which is this:

Isn't that just the cutest little house? I love it.


Nichole said...

Happy DOT... cute kid pics and Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Channon said...

Oh you! I snorted so hard I think I ripped part of my inner nose to shreds! Cooper, Virgin Mary... oh, now my eyes are watering...

Happy birthday to your mom! Enjoy your Wii. We've had a lot of quality time with Wii Resort the last couple of weeks. I like golf, swordplay, table tennis and... oh! biking. The Knight likes the wakeboarding and bowling best.

margo said...

Too funny! Cooper didn't write his name in the snow like former boyfriend did?

Now I really need a Wii Everyone has been talking about them on Facebook.
I got my exercise by shoveling snow and hiking hay out to the flock, whew.

Happy B day to your Mom

Sue said...

My dogs spend a lot of time bird watching these days. I won't tell Fudge about Cooper's art. He's so competitive.

Kristyn said...

Happy Birthday Brit Mama!!