Sunday, March 7, 2010


If I were at all web-savvy, I would have LeAnn Rimes' song "Blue" playing for you right now, but it's not gonna happen. You know the song, though --
"Blue, oh, so lonesome for you,
Why can't you be blue over me,
Blue, oh, so lonesome for you,
Tears fill my eyes 'till I can't see."
That the song that was going through my head while I was walking the beach at Fortescue this morning. Why? Well, lookey what I found:

Blue glass!!! Lots of it!!! This is only a portion of today's haul. There was a boat-load of clear and brown glass, but I'm only picturing the blue and green here. Oh, and that one piece of white milk glass at the bottom of the picture. I have never, ever, ever found cobalt blue glass on the beach, but today there were several pieces of it, one piece of medium blue, and lots of light blue!

Of course, while I was there, I just had to check on "my" house...
No activity yet. I'm really hoping that it doesn't sell and the seller gets desperate and lowers the asking price. It's either that, or I have to win the lottery. I guess I should buy a ticket, eh?

By the way, observant readers might have noticed that the sea glass is sitting on the Wii Balance Board in the photograph. I needed something big and white for the glass to show up in the photo, and the BB was handy. I have to say that I am still loving the Wii, even though some of the games in Fit Plus really kick my butt. I have, however, mastered the Obstacle Course, thank-you-very-much! Just to know you what a Wii Geek I am, I took a photo of today's high score! On the Advanced Obstacle Course! It says I'm a "calorie incinerator" but it really means that I am "Queen of the World and Ruler of All Things Obstacle Course-like".

As much as this thing can pump you up, it can just as quickly dash your ego and send you into the depths of despair. Whenever I try to do the bubble ball, I inevitably end up with this:
Unbalanced! The nerve of this stupid game! I just hope it is referring to my physical and not my mental state...

Cooper says, "I am not impressed."


Donna Lee said...

There's a house near me that I consider MY house (although the present owners might find that funny). I've admired it since I was a kid and just knew one day I'd own it (or copy it and build my own). Those lottery guys better get on the ball and help me win!

Sue said...

The dogs must think we're crazy sometimes. I know mine can't understand why I spend so much time at the computer when I could be outside throwing a ball for them.

Nichole said...

Cute Cooper!
I LOVE your sea glass finds... gorgeous!

Channon said...

The bubble thing is TOUGH. Last night, I enjoyed the target game, the driving range and ... I tried about half of the Plus extras, as I call them... Thanks for making sure I knew I was missing out!