Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

After a long, cold, long, snowy, long, long, long winter, Spring has finally come to New Jersey! How do I know? Look that the stork dropped off at my niece's house:
The mom is Olivia, a Baby Doll Sheep, and she has twins! A boy and a girl! Here is a closeup of the yet-to-be-named little girl:
Oh, that face! I need a sheep!

Another sign that Spring is here---Robins, and lots of 'em! Emma found a Robin in the backyard, and tried to, ummm, welcome him with kisses. Yeah, that's the ticket...she was trying to kiss him.
Fortunately, the "kissing" didn't do the poor Robin any permanent harm, other than being scared out of his whits, that is!

After a little rest on the outside of the fence, he was perfectly fine. Emma is still a little peeved at me for taking away her new friend, though. If you look closely at this picture, you can see a feather sticking out of the corner of her mouth.
That's all she has left of her new friend. Poor Emma.


Kristyn said...

Those sheep are the cutest things ever!! Alas I don't think I can have one in our apartment complex

Channon said...

Love the lamb! Haven't I told you the story of Petie, the inlaws' bird? Dae tried so hard to teach Mugsy to kiss the bird... Hem.

Donna Lee said...

Everytime we go to the Sheep Show, we come away wanting a sheep. The baby doll ones are so cute.

And there seems to be an explosion of robins! Our local raptors are having a field day chasing them. It's fascinating to watch a smaller bird defend its nest.

Nichole said...

Zeus is always trying to "kiss" the birdies too... fortunately they move faster than he does! :)

LOVE those lambs... my what an adorable face!

Bridget said...

Some friendships are just so misunderstood ...

Sue said...

Tsar would love to 'kiss' a robin. He crouches low and tries to sneak up on them. Fortunately he's so big that the birds see him coming in plenty of time.

knittingitout said...

I love sheep. And, Miss Emma, kissing birds is yucky.