Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow is a Four Letter Word (plus a contest link),

That's right, it's snowing. Grrrrr. I guess I shouldn't complain, though. We got to leave work early because of that rotten stuff falling from the sky. It's hard to believe that two days ago the temp was in the 60s and we were out on the lake in the kayaks. Just my sister and I...not mom. It was still too cold for mom to venture out. It's a good thing, because a dark cloud came in over the lake and the wind started to blow and big raindrops were slapping the surface of the lake while we were out there. I think the temperature dropped 20 degrees in 10 minutes. I would show you the pictures, but, you know about the camera. Broken. [Big Sigh].

It's been less than a week that I have been sans-camera, and I couldn't take it any more today. I went out and bought an inexpensive (after the $50 rebate) Fuji digital camera. I'm still learning about it, but here is a shot of missy Emma in the S-N-O-W.

Tara wouldn't cooperate to get her picture taken. All she wants to do is eat the snow, which makes her have to pee, so we have to take her outside, and all she wants to do is eat the snow, which makes her have to you see where this is going?

Anyway, there is another contest floating around out there. Click on over to Donna's Knitting Gal blog and help her celebrate 1000 hits on her site! I'm off to read about the camera and try to get in a little bit of knitting in between taking Tara out to do tinky-winks.


Nichole said...

Emma looks like she's loving the white stuff!
YEAH for the new camera!

CynicalGal said...

Love that doggie in the snow!