Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

This morning, while the girls were enjoying a yummy breakfast, I happened to notice that Tara could use a little...sprucing up, shall we say.

What is going on with her feet? Can I get a close-up?

I think Tara has what can only be called "Hobbit Feet". Pretty soon I'll be able to braid that hair!
I think she is in need of a "Day of Beauty" coming up very soon. Both Emma and Tara know what B-A-T-H means, but have yet to catch on when I tell them that they are going to have a "Day of Beauty." Silly, gullible, girls!


Nichole said...

Happy Beauty Day girls!

CynicalGal said...

I just trimmed Gracie's paws too. Enjoy your beauty day gals, for sure!

Sonya said...

I wish someone would tell me I was going to have a Day of Beauty!

Jennifer said...

Hobbit feet! Too funny :) Frisky (being short-haired) just gets dirty lol.

Criquette said...

heehee! Tara has Frodo feet! abbie and Chloe would be laughing, but they are about to have a B-A-T-H and are trying to hide.