Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter? Not for these bunnies!

Remember these from yesterday's post? Take note of the two containers on the left hand side. They are the lightweight plastic food storage containers that you can buy in any grocery store.
Well, Mom needed a place to store the four containers of painstakingly decorated baked goods. She also has a cat who likes to sample items left on the kitchen counter, can chew through plastic, but is not strong enough to open the oven door. Problem solved... put the baked goods in the oven.

Fast forward about 18 hours. Mom decides that it would be nice to make a batch of rolls to have with dinner. Do you see where I'm going with this? Here are some pictures.

The pot holder on the right on the pan? It is stuck. Truly and completely melted into the plastic pan. My hand is still in a claw from squeezing the stupid icing bags onto two trays of ruined eggs and bunnies. Oh well. It could have been worse.... a LOT worse.

P.S. Thanks Stephanie & Anonymous for your advice on homemade dog food (and treats).

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