Friday, April 27, 2007

Honk...Honk, Honk....Hooooonnnnk

Yet another reason why I love my job. Look what I found while walking from the parking lot to the museum yesterday morning:

Is there anything cuter than baby geese? (The asphalt roads you see are only footpaths for the visitors, and the only vehicles that travel on them are from grounds employees, so the babes are quite safe.) I know some people think they're pests, especially when they grow up to be big geese and leave their poo all over the ground, but what's a goose to do? If you gotta go, you gotta go. I think that watching where you walk is a small price to pay for having these beautiful creatures around.

Oh, right, it's blankie update time. Eight squares this week. I didn't take a picture of the blankie, because, frankly, it just can't compete with baby geese!


Stephanie said...

They are so adorable! One thing I love so much about birds is how the babies often look nothing like what they will end up looking like as grown ups.

Knitting Mama said...

Hi! I'm an SP10 hostess who came across your blog due to your blankie you are making (I'm making one for my son!)

Anyhow, I just emailed CROCS on their contact form because I want CLEAR crocs too!!! What a genious idea, since I love to show off handknit socks!

I will blog about it today too, to get more people to contact them.

Your contest is a fun idea.

Have a nice day!