Friday, April 6, 2007

No Blankie Update & Plea for Recipes

No blankie progress to report, and no good excuses, either. I certainly have nothing exciting to report like Shelly at a Yarn Harlot event. Check out the pictures on Shelly's site. There is a picture of Shelly and the Harlot posing with Shelly's blanket. My two knitting heroes. If only New Jersey was a little bit closer to Minnesota, I would LOVE to have been there. Or if only I was rich enough to buy an airplane ticket, and didn't have what some think is an irrational fear of airplanes, I could have flown out there. I think I would have hyperventilated, seeing them both, if the drugs that I would need to get myself on an airplane had worn off enough so that I was no longer in a semi-comatose state and I knew where I was.

But then I would have missed out on soooo much fun at home. This is Mom.

And these two pictures are of my sister D:

And this is the result of an evening of rollicking fun and creativity:

In case you can't tell, we decorated little egg-shaped and bunny-shaped cakes. A LOT of cakes. Truly, what seemed like an endless number of cakes. I must say, they look much in the picture than they did in person. But consider their fate- they will all be gobbled up by Mum's grandchildren and neighborhood hooligans cherubs by the time the weekend is over. Ohhh, the carnage.

On to the aforementioned "plea", does anyone out there make their own dog food and would you be willing to share some recipes? After the recent pet food recalls, my sister S and I decided we are no longer going to feed the dogs commercial food, even tough the brand we use (Nutro Lamb & Rice dry crunchies) has not been recalled....yet. We are going to take the bull by the horns, or rump roast, as the case may be, and have complete control over the quality of what the girls eat. I've been searching on the 'net and have found a couple of good (I think) recipes. I just subscribed to the Whole Dog Journal and they have some very helpful information. My main concern is that they still get all of the vitamins & minerals and such that they need, and I'd appreciate any and all input.


Stephanie said...

Wow! You guys really go all out! Those cookies are too cute to eat.

As for homemade dogfood. I would make something with rice, chicken, egg, and some type of oil - probably olive oil. Also some green veggies in moderation are good like green beans and peas. That should probably cover all their needs. You could suppliment with some brewers yeast or a doggie vitamin if you felt like it. Dog's actually are fairly simple in their needs and it's best to feed them a consistant diet. Switching or constantly adding new things will only upset their tummies. Dogs aren't like humans in the sense of "needing" a new taste everyday.

Sorry that answer got so long! I used to be a veterinary technician so I'm always ready with the animal advice.

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