Monday, April 2, 2007

How I Spent A Pink-less Weekend

To celebrate having the pink blanket finished, everything I did this weekend did not involve the color pink in any way at all. Plant pink flowers? No. Knit pink socks? No. Buy a cute little pink piglet with a curly tail? No...although I would LOVE a pet pig...that idea does have merit.

I worked in the vegetable garden a bit, taking it from this... this.
Not much difference? Tell that to my aching legs. I cleaned out all of the beds, and planted three of them. Sugar snap peas in the one with the trellises, beets (mmmmm, my favorite) in one of the corner beds, and a couple of varieties of lettuce & spinach in another long bed. It's still too early here to put much of anything else outside, so I did this.....
You are looking at zukes, yellow squash & peas, and black-eyed susan vine. See, not a pink thing in sight.
I also brought out my long-neglected spinning wheel, and some luscious fibre I bought the last time I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I was taking a picture of it for the blog, when I noticed this:
It is a small note on the label that says, "Wash by hand in cool water before using. Some dye may be released in initial washing." I, of course, told myself that such "warnings" are merely suggestions, and that pre-washing is for sissies. Just like gauge swatches. I laugh in their faces (insert a hearty Haa Haa Haa). Then the horror of the recently completed pink-baby-blanket-that-is-big-enough-to-cover-Rhode-Island-when-it-rains came to mind. If only I had done a gauge swatch, I would NEVER have cast on 360 freakin' stitches. Needless to say, I washed the fiber, and it is now drying. It's hard to laugh heartily at something that so recently bit you in the butt.


Criquette said...

Wow, that's a big veggie garden! As a fellow gardener, I can totally see the difference after your hard work. Please show us some pix after things are planted and coming up. As for the fiber, how beautiful and un-pink!

Anonymous said...

the veggie garden looks great!! i'd love to plant a garden, but i don't have the space to!

are you going to the md s&w? i'll be going this year. it would be funny if we ran into each other!!!