Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Show Us Your Stash

As part of the Secret Pal 10 thing, Shelby has asked everyone in her group to "Show Us Your Stash." Not a problem. First I had to delve into my knitting closet.....

... get out of the way of the various tools, books, spindles, etc. that invariably fall out when I open the doors...

...and brace my feet on either side of the drawers and wedge them open:

Whew. Then the fun part - sorting and rearranging and shamelessly stroking the beautiful yarns.
The baggies in the front hold partial skeins or scraps of solid colored yarn -- the self-patterning scraps are in the Mitred Square Blankie basket waiting for a little love and attention to become part of the blankie. The skeins at the top of the photo are just waiting for me to break a leg (or something less painful, please) so that they can become socks. How many pair? 45. Yes, 45. Had I realized there was so much sock yarn in that closet, I would never had placed an order with Angel Yarns 10 days ago. But if I hadn't placed that order, I would not have found this at home when I went home at lunch today to walk the dogs:

Hmmmm....what could that be? Yarn! Sock Yarn! Lots and Lots of Sock Yarn! Enough for another 16 pair!

Who can resist Opal sock yarn at 25% off? Even with the overseas shipping, and the sucky exchange rate for Dollars to Euros, this is quite a bargain. Plus, it only took 12 days to come all the way from England! This was my first order with Angel Yarns, but not my last! Thank you Angel Yarns!

Now for the most recent FO. This is my third pair of Jaywalkers hanging out on a lilac shrub.

Love lilacs, love Jaywalkers, must go now and sniff the lilacs and cast on another pair of socks. I wonder if I have enough sock yarn.......

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