Friday, April 20, 2007

An Even Dozen

Why is it an "even" dozen. A dozen can't be odd, so why specify that it is "even"? Ahhh, the little things that puzzle me. Anyway, 12 squares! Behond the blankie on the pea trellis in the garden: And behold the peas. Can't see 'em? Trust me, they are there. Do you see what looks like weeds coming up in a straight line? Peas!
And behold the lettuce and spinach. Again, weed-looking things, but in straight lines. Alright, I won't be having salad and peas for dinner tonight, but soon!


lindsey said...

because i can't keep my mouth shut and i like random questions: perhaps it's referred to as an 'even dozen' because of a bakers dozen. i assume it's obvious but that's an odd dozen there for ya. who knows. and yes, i'm a total nerd.

Criquette said...

Wow, that blankie is getting huge! Are you feeding it Miracle Grow?