Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dogs on Thursday

For this week's Dogs on Thursday, I would like to introduce Emma, Tara, and Cooper. Not the big Emma, Tara, and Cooper dogs that we all know and love... the MINI Emma, Tara and Cooper dogs. I admit it... I added them to the Wii! I made Miis of the dogs! That's not crazy, right? Nope. Everyone does that. Not crazy at all.

Here is mini Emma:
And mini Cooper:
And mini Tara!
You can choose the coloring and ears and tail, and even put different color collars on then. It is so much fun to find one of the dogs while you're cycling or running or on the Segway on the beach! Maybe in future versions of the software you will be able to add bandannas or bows or sweaters to the dogs, but for now, they run around nekkid.

I also put mom and dad in the Wii, along with my sister and niece. Absolutely not crazy, though, right? Guess who else I added to the Wii...

Colin Firth!
Harry Potter!
Alan Rickman!
Mark Harmon!
And Jane Austen!
Any suggestions of other Miis to add? I'm thinking Hugh Grant, Ciaran Hinds, Liam Neeson and Clark Gable. Still not crazy, right? Everybody does this, right? Please, please, please tell me everybody does this...

OK, gotta go now. Time for my morning work out with my Miips. Get it? My Mii peeps? Mii peeps are Miips???

Yeah, I'm crazy.

Definitely crazy.

Send Haloperidol.


Nichole said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your Miis. So awesomely crazy in a totally cool way.

Channon said...


I've started Sissy's Mii, but the batteries died in the board while I was trying to weigh her, and we haven't finished the process. (Yes, the batteries were replaced immediately, so what's my problem?!)

Sue said...

Wow, it must be getting crowded on there. How about Hugh Laurie?

silfert said...

I want an Alan Rickman. Is there a Patrick Stewart, too?