Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dogs on Thursday, update edition

This will be a quickie Dogs on Thursday post this week. With really nothing new to say as I am slogging through April, I thought this would be a good time to revisit old posts and give updates.

First, remember our unofficial mascot Shea at work? I first wrote about her in January. Here she is as a sweet little ball of fluff the first time her daddy brought her to work.

Here she is now! Look at how long she is! She was "fixed" last week (even though she said she wasn't broken) and she wanted to show off her belly. She loves belly rubs!

What a sweet little girl! I told her daddy that Shea can spend the day with me in the library any time!

Now for another dog from past DOT posts... Remember Maverick - the dog I help transport to his foster home back in February? He was the sweetest little boy - freckles all over, and full of kisses.

All of us who were involved in his transport that day received an email this week with some very good news... Maverick has found his forever home! He will be living in Virginia with his new mom and dad.
Don't they make a cute family?

Even though this is really Dogs on Thursday, I have to sneak in an update on the goose on the museum's roof. She is still up there. No babies yet, but I check on her every day.

Silly goose!


Nichole said...

Great pics and great news abouve Maverick! :) Happy DOT!

Channon said...

Love a dog who unabashedly asks for belly rubs.

Hooray for forever homes.

Silly goose indeed!

Sue said...

We're so glad that Maverick found his safe home. he looks happy with his new family.

I keep thinking about that goose. I hope those babies don't fall off. Are you building a ramp?

Donna Lee said...

Maverick looks like he found some good people. I'm glad for him. He deserves goodness.

And how is Joe? Does he have a home yet?