Friday, April 9, 2010

Did we miss it?

Did we miss Dogs on Thursday? Yes we did! I've been a little "off" all week long, and completely spaced on DOT. I had Monday off this week, and when I have off during the week, it throws off my whole sense of...everything. Fortunately, the babes are not suffering from my lack of attentiveness.

The ever-clueless Cooper says: "Thursday? What's a Thursday? Is is something to eat? Time to Eat! Gimme something to eat!!!"

Tara says: "Who cares what day it is as long as I get my regular naps."

Emma says: "I don't give a rat's rear what day it is, just get this friggin' bandanna off of me or so help me DOG I will poo in your shoes."


Channon said...

They're still cute. Doesn't Tara get extra treats for dressing up?!

Sue said...

I'm with Emma, time for a nap.

Nichole said...

LOL... adorable!