Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

I read my first book by Dean Koontz this week. I know, I know, everyone but me has read something by him. What can I say.... I'm late to the party. A friend lent me her copy of Koontz's "The Darkest Evening of the Year." I laughed, I cried... well mostly I cried. I would recommend it to any dog lover, especially Golden Retrievers, or anyone involved in rescue.

I won't give away the story line (because that's one of my top 10 pet peeves) but one paragraph practically jumped off the page and said to me, "Hey, you there...are you paying attention to this? Read this again and again, and share it with everyone you know," so here it is:
"Dogs' lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know that pain is coming, you're going to lose a dog, and there's going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can't support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There's such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware it comes with an unbearable price. Maybe loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and for the mistakes we make because of those illusions."
I am so very thankful that my babes are all so healthy, but every day --every single day-- I look at Emma and Tara and Cooper, and know that the unbearable pain of losing them is coming. I can't help it. I also know that I will welcome another soul into my life when the unbearable pain becomes a little less unbearable, and the cycle will start again.

Scarlett c.1994
my first Brittany
May 13, 1991 - April 4, 2003


Channon said...

It's so hard, isn't it? They're so very precious, and even if they lived right up until a moment before we died, it wouldn't be long enough.

Sue said...

I've never read Koontz, but I may make an exception for that one. What a wonderful paragraph. Thank you for posting it. It's so terribly true.

I can only console myself by knowing that if I hadn't had the earlier one's I'd never have had the pleasure of having this group.

Nichole said...

I'm starting to feel the same pain here and can't help but thinking about it ... :(

Matt loves Dean's books... I hear that he uses his Goldens quite a bit and there have been some books "his dogs" have written as well!

Sonya said...

I have read almost all of his books, except this one and a friend just loaned it to me. I know what my weekend plans are.


margo said...

Truer words were never written.

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

I have never read Koontz either. But Golden Retriever owner I certainly am...I am headed to the library to follow your instructions!

Scarlett was so beautiful.