Sunday, February 1, 2009

February is for Finishing

Once again this year, I have decided to make February a month for finishing projects. Anybody want to join me? Place your left hand on any knitting book that you have nearby, raise your right hand and repeat after me. "I hereby swear ... that I will not cast on any new projects ... in the month of February... so help me dog.*"

* here you may substitute cat, or horse, or hamster, whatever you would like.

The projects I will be finishing are:

1) "Hearts and Stars Blanket" from the book Adorable Knits for Tots by Zoe Mellor

2) This market bag. A dear friend gave me the pattern, yarn and even the needles for Christmas!

3) Brown Bag Socks for January
4) Brown Bag Socks for February
5) Socks made from my mindless go-to pattern
6) More socks made from my mindless go-to pattern

7) Even more socks made from my mindless go-to pattern

And in the unlikely event that I finish a baby blanket, market bag and five pair of socks before March 1, there is always...

8) The Beast!

Wishful thinking, huh?


Tsuki said...

I'm doing Feb is for Finishing again too!

Sue said...

I saw that baby blanket in the book and copied it for future use. I really like it. I'm trying to finish things in February, but I can't promise not to start something new.

Channon said...

I love that baby blanket, but blankies are just SUCH a commitment for me. Love of all of your socks too. I just have one pair on the needles right now...

Nichole said...

I have a lot I need to finish too! Love those greenish socks - now what is your go to easy pattern?
The beast is coming along very nicely!

Criquette said...

The Beast is still alive - yay! Thanks for showing us an update. She's a gorgeous beast of a blankie.