Monday, February 9, 2009

The Best Mom in the World... celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom!

Look at this picture from 1941. Wasn't she a cutie?

And here's a picture of mom in 1955. She is a new bride here, just 20 years old, knitting socks for her husband. See...sock knitting is in my genes!

Seriously, I have been blessed with the best mother - ask anyone who knows her. She is the kindest person I know, and if there is anything good in me, it came from her. I would say that she is a role model for me on how to be a mother, but I think she would be highly insulted, since my own "kids" are really dogs, and poorly behaved dogs, at that!

I love you, mom, more than words can say!


Stephanie said...

Those photos are really great. I'm sad that I don't have any of my Mother as a child. I have only ever seen one photo of her as a kid & for a minute I thought it was me in a time warp or something!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

Jen's Journal said...

aw, she is too cute in that 1941 photo! :)

margo koehler said...

What neat pictures. Hug her for me.
I miss my Mom.

Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Mama Brit!

Steph said...

This is such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Criquette said...

Your mom should be proud of the great job you do raising your hooligan triplets!