Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stress Relief

Hmmm, almost a week since my last post. If I made New Years resolutions, I would have to make more frequent blogging one of them. Along with about a million other things that I know I won't do, so why set myself up for disappointment, right?

Anyway, a few days ago, my sister and I made our yearly after-Christmas trek to our local LL Bean store. Is "local" the correct word? It's about an hour away, but that's a whole lot closer than the 10 hour drive to Maine! We both got LL Bean gift cards from Santa & Mrs. Claus (a.k.a. dad & mom) so we just had to spend them. It's great - lots of stuff is on sale after Christmas, and when you have a gift card - it's like spending Monopoly money. What could be more fun? Last year I bought myself a winter coat & a couple of tops, but this year... a present for the kayak! We each bought a set of Thule kayak rack thingies.
I read that kayaks should be stored on their sides instead of on their tops or bottoms - something about less stress. Well, I'm all for reducing stress, and between the after-Christmas sale, and the gift card - these racks were practically free! With dad's help, we adapted them to fit on the trailer we use to transport the kayaks. The trailer is much easier than getting them up on top of one of our cars. Of course, when I say "with Dad's help", what I mean to say is that he did most of the work all of the work while we stayed out of the way offered moral support.

Look at how happy our kayaks look. Completely stress free. They look like they just got back from a day at the spa, don't they?



Nichole said...

Don't you just love LL Bean? I think you should trek the 10 hours to Maine though... I can meet you there! :-) lol

Donna Lee said...

I think the less stress the better. Those kayaks looks completely stress free and ready to hit the water.

silfert said...

I can hear them kay-yakking up a storm, and they are indeed pleased. :)

Criquette said...

Okay, you are seriously making me want to learn how to kayak.