Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Emma and Tara were hostesses again this week. Their little friend Alexis Sophia came to celebrate Christmas. Here is mom holding little 6-week-old Lexi.

Lexi also brought her brothers Zach and Danny, and of course her mom and dad. Here is the long-suffering Tara, sharing her chair with the boys.

Where was Emma while all this fun was going on? In the dining room. At the table. In a chair. This is the first time (that I know of) that she has climbed into a chair at the table. Notice the horrified look on mom's face.

I just laughed and grabbed the camera. You just know mom is saying to herself "I never allowed at dog at the table....where did I go wrong..."

Here is Tara after the company went home. Ahhhh, she has her chair all to herself again. Life is good.


Jennifer said...

Cute pics! I love the one of Emma at the table. Your mom's expression is priceless :)

Criquette said...

Why shouldn't doggies sit at the table? As long as they keep their elbows off the table and chew with their mouth closed...

Happy New Year to the Brits!

KimT said...

very cute!

Paula said...

Oh I love your dogs!
The kids are adoable too!
Happy New Year to you and yours.