Friday, January 11, 2008

Dogs on Thursday (on Friday)

I was having trouble with my Internet connection last night, so this week's Dogs on Thursday post is a little late. This week, I bring you all of the dogs of [insert drumroll]...

In 2007, there were 658 brittanys adopted

through American Brittany Rescue,

and 67 were seniors (8+ years old)!

Kudos to ABR and the wonderful work they do.

My wonderful niece Jenny and very special friend Binell both made contributions to American Brittany Rescue as Christmas gifts for me this year. What better gift can you give someone than supporting a cause that is near and dear to their heart? The teachers at the school where my sister is the Principal also made a contribution to ABR.

Just about every breed of dog that you can think of has a rescue organization (or two, or three) dedicated to helping these little souls find loving forever homes. I happen to support ABR because that is where we got the lovely Tara almost three years ago. I volunteer with ABR, transporting dogs on their way from shelters to foster homes, and from foster homes to forever homes. I would love to be able to be a foster mom, but I grow attached to the brittanys I transport in the hour or two that I have them in my car. I have been known to cry once or twice when parting with the dog...OK, truth be told, I cry every time. There is no way I could take a dog into my home, love it, and then give it up. No matter how good a forever home is, there is just no way I could part with a fur baby after it crossed the threshold into my door. Just like there is a special place in hell for people who abuse dogs, there is a special place in heaven for foster moms and dads. Do you hear me, Michael Vick???


Nichole said...

Can you believe the ass, eh I mean Vick, might get out EARLY because he's a drug addict also??? How is it that you can commit yet another crime, admit to it by "seeking help" in the form of treatment and that ... GETS YOU LESS JAIL TIME?? Ugh.

HDW said...

You have such a wonderful giving heart!! *kisses*