Saturday, June 30, 2007

No blankie update again this week. Hey wait - yes there is!

I have been feeling pretty guilty over the past couple of several weeks about not working on the mitred square blankie. I love the blankie. The colors, good. The super easy pattern, good. The fact that it is made from leftovers, good. The bad part? It is summer in southern New Jersey. What does that mean? Well, yes, bad hair days, but WHY do we have all bad hair days? Heat and humidity. Put a big old mostly-wool blanket on your lap and try and knit - not good.

So anyway, while I have been berating myself for being a no-good, fair-weather blankie knitter, I realized that, hey, I've been working on a blankie after all! Remember the Rebuilding Greensburg project I found out about from reading Criquette's blog? It is for squares to be assembled into blankets! Mom and I have been knitting away. This is my pile so far.

Yes, there are a lot of ends to be woven in, but that is my most favorite thing to do in all the world so I am saving the best for last. [That last sentence was dripping with sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.]


Criquette said...

The blankie squares are just gorgeous! Hope the big blankie isn't getting jealous!

KimT said...

i here you. I was crocheting a large afgan and finished it last tuesday. things are heating up here in southern california so I am also focusing on squares for charity blankets this month. Its just plain too hot for anything else. Oh, Also working on s summer tank for myself.

Nichole said...

Hey - you are FAST ... I literally just published her bday post and you commented... she says WOOF WOOF. :)