Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cute Babies!

My nieces have baby Guinea Hens. They are just three days old. Have you ever seen Guinea Hen chicks? They are the sweetest little things.

Here is an extreme close-up.

But they can't all be hens--there would be no babies. I have never heard of a Guinea rooster, though. There is probably an official name for the different sexes, but I'm too tired to google it and find out. In exchange for my lack of information in this post, knitting or otherwise, here's another gratuitous cute baby picture.

Now, I know Emma and Tara might not be considered to be babies in the strictest, traditional, anal-retentive interpretation of the word, but they're MY babies. Oh, and if you are reading this mom and dad, yes, they ARE your grandchildren! They love you very much (and so do I)!


noricum said...

Adorable! I do believe that the sex-neutral term is "guinea-fowl", but I'm not sure if there's a specific term for the males. ;)

Tsuki said...

Aww, love the baby guineas - I had to wonder the other day what you call a baby pea-cock or pea-hen? I decided on pea-baby. (or chick-pea!) haha.

btw, since I read your blog a lot now:
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Nichole said...

Of course they are babies! My babies even bought my Mom a "I have a 4 legged grandchild" t-shirt for Mother's Day one year. :)

The chicks are adorable!

Criquette said...

Who could look at those adorable puppy faces and not agree that they are sweet babies? And I love the guinea babies!