Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wellness Report

Mellie is doing better. She had a great day yesterday, she's doing OK today...much better than Friday. I took a couple of pictures of her for the blog, but she just looked too sad in them, so I'm not posting them. I'll wait until she's feeling better. My sister and I are taking turns staying at home, basically watching Mellie sleep. As long as she's napping, she's comfortable. She took some warm milk & baby cereal this morning, with her pills crushed up in it. She is such a sweetie.

Here is a picture of me holding Mr. Darcy, getting ready for his "special treat" a.k.a. nasty medicine. He really doesn't mind it all that much. It smells like ripe bananas, and once he gets some in his mouth, he sucks it from the eye dropper like a little baby. He is doing much, much better. The wheezing and sneezing has stopped, but we're still giving him his antibiotic twice a day. There's not too much left in the bottle, and I'd rather err on the side of too many days of meds rather than too few.

Here is a family shot of the bunnies. Left to right, it is Sunshine, Little Boy, Mr. Darcy and Momma Bunny.


My niece used to work at a Vets office, and a local shelter brought a rescued rabbit in to the office to be "showcased" to the patients, and hopefully be adopted out. Her ears were a little chewed, and her feet were raw and sore, but she was doing great, and everyone had high hopes that some kind soul would come in and see her and take her home. Well... those hopes were dashed one morning when the bunny (hereafter referred to as "Momma Bunny") was not alone in her cage. There were three tiny additions. You guessed it, Little Boy, Mr. Darcy, and Sunshine. The males were snipped.... fixed.... rendered unable to reproduce.... do you get my drift? NO MORE LITTLE BUNNIES, thank you very much. My niece brought them home, and we ended up with them when she went off to college.

Well, Mellie is still resting comfortably at my feet, so I'm going to post another picture, this time of my nephews. Well, not nephews in the Webster Dictionary definition of the word-- they are the sons of a very good friend, so I'm an honorary Aunt. That's the best kind, though...right? I mean, blood relationships determine "Aunt-ship" and neither you nor the child has any say in the matter. Now an HONORARY Aunt, that's something special. Anyway, here are Zach and Danny wearing sweaters I knit for them from Zoe Mellor's book Adorable Knits for Tots. I switched the colors on the sweater on the cover to make it more boy-ish.

I'm off to work on the Scrappy Hat, and watch Mellie sleep, of course.

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