Friday, February 2, 2007

Blankie? What Blankie?

Yes, it is Blankie Update Friday, but I have no progress to report.

This week started with a sick rabbit. Mr. Darcy has been wheezing and sneezing. Trying to get a liquid medicine into the right rabbit (there are four rabbits), twice a day, which takes two people to do, and my sister leaves for work before the sun comes up and I (normally) get home from work after the sun goes down... You do the math. He has been surprisingly good about it, though.

On Tuesday I got a call at work from the Nanny (she comes three days a week and walks the dogs at lunch time) that Mellie, my 9 year old Brittany, who has had on-going issues with a sensitive stomach, has had a flare-up. I raced home to get her into the Vet before he closed the office for a week. He's fishing in the Florida Keys this week. It is a long overdue and well deserved vacation for him. He's the best Vet in the world, and I love him and trust him completely.

Wednesday, I went in to work for a few hours, came home to check on Mellie, and she vomited two blood clots. I placed a panicky, tearful call to the Nanny (who also happens to work at the Vet's office - she is his "right hand man", assisting with surgeries, doing xrays, etc.) and she calmed me down. Love her, too! She suggested crushing Mellie's pills and mixing them in a little liquid to make sure they are dissolving and coating her stomach. Mom came over and walked in the door as I was on the phone with the Nanny, so she calmed Emma and Tara until I got off the phone, then calmed me, too. I have the best mom in the world. I am so lucky and love her sooooo much.

Thursday, Mellie was doing much better, had a good night's sleep, but I didn't want to leave her, so I took her to work with me for a couple of hours. That's right - she's my little working girl! I wouldn't have gone in at all, but some work that I was supposed to have had LAST WEEK never arrived, and it was emailed it to me 11pm on Tuesday night, and needed ASAP, of course. That's right, a week late. But she did not provide the required materials - I was supposed to run out and get them. What's that saying... "Lack of preparation on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part." Yeah, right. So Mellie and I went off to work, and thanks to Bev for getting the materials and Pat for making thousands of cuts into thick matte board with a big old honking papercutter whose blade is getting very dull, the job was done by 1:oo-ish. Big hugs for Pat and Bev!

That brings us to today. Blankie Update Friday. As good as Mellie was yesterday, she is 10 times worse today. She had a very, very bad night last night, and doesn't want any parts of her crushed up pills, even though I mixed them in warm milk (her favorite) and added a little honey (yummm, tasty). It is 7:00am, and all I can do it sit and watch her.

What little knitting I have gotten done this week has been on the pink baby blanket. As much as I have been frustrated by the endless, repetitive lacy pattern, and the miles and miles of pale pink fingering weight yarn, it has been therapeutic this week to have something that required a little thought, but not too much. I picked up the Mitred Square Blankie once or twice, but choosing the next color to knit was just too much for me. I have trouble making decisions on the best of days, let alone while sitting here watching a sick dog, feeling like I am neglecting the other two, feeling like the worst dog mom in the world because I can't do anything to fix my sweet Mellie.

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