Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Desperate Cry for Help...

OK, knitting peeps... I need help. Big time help. I need a pattern and have been searching Ravelry off and on for a few weeks, and nothing pops out at me.

I want to knit an afghan and need a pattern. Not just any pattern... just the right pattern.

For a couple getting married. Not just any couple... my favorite couple.

That's right, two of my favorite people in all the world are getting married. The WonderVet and the WonderNanny are becoming one, which make me think that everything is right with the world! Seriously, could there be a more perfect union?

Now for the pattern... WonderVet is very Irish, so an Aran-celtic-cable-y pattern would be fabulous. Both are clearly animal lovers, (even going so far as raising a sheep in the house...remember this post from a couple of years ago?) so some kind of paw print or other animal-related-thingy incorporated into the design would be a plus. They have lots of dogs, so washable and durable are very important.

Is that too much to ask?

Any suggestions?

Oh, and because no blog post is complete without a photo, here is a seldom-seen shot of all three dogs in one photo! That's Emma peering over the back of the sofa doing her impersonation of a vulture, with Cooper and Tara on the big doggy bed below. Enjoy!

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Channon said...

No clue on the pattern, but how very sweet!!

Lovely to see the Brit pups again too.

Nichole said...

Good luck in your pattern search... I'd be looking at Ravelry to help and it sounds like you've already done that....

Love the pic!

Sue said...

I'll look thru my patterns, but I don't think I have one that meets the requirements.

The dogs look adorable.

Pooch said...

I am praying for you, your father,and the medical team treating him. I have walked a similar path with my father and understand the heartbreak and hope.

Anonymous said...

Dianne! Love that pic of your babies, and the vulture impersonator.

As for the pattern, what about designing one? You could do a cabley number with a seed stitch border with appliques of paw prints sewn on the border.

Glad you posted :)

Donna Lee said...

How about the Tree of Life? I have an idea that one day I'll make one because it's really beautiful.