Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good News. Not Great, but Good.

I've been delaying posting because I was soooo hoping to have great news regarding dad's cancer. All I have is good news, but good is better than terrible, or even mediocre news. Below is the email that Mom sent out to their church's prayer chain. I just cut and pasted it for the blog because Mom said it so much better than I could.

Good Evening Everyone,

Today was the first post-op visit following Don’s surgery for prostate cancer. He was relieved of his “buddy bag” as he called it and is now allowed to drive. That is the immediate good news. Many biopsies were taken at surgery. They confirmed that his is an aggressive cancer and indeed all biopsies came back clear/negative but one. When the pathologist was bisecting the prostate he found that one capsule of the cancer had penetrated though the lining of the prostate therefore his Stage 2 cancer was upgraded to Stage 3. He will be followed with every 3 month PSA tests and if the numbers start to climb he will then be evaluated for probably radiation therapy. Whatever happens whenever is all in God’s hands and we would appreciate your continuing to pray for him. Thanks so much for your faithfulness.

In Him Because He loves us all,



Sue said...

Well, that sounds lie pretty good news. That's how we choose to see it. How are you doing? This has been a stressful time for you and you need to pamper yourself.

Donna Lee said...

I'll keep him and you deep inside the good thoughts.

Channon said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm sure this has rocked your world yet again. Keeping all of you - and his docs - in my prayers.

How's your mom?

Anonymous said...

I am keeping all of you in my thoughts. If you ever need to have my email (and I think still my cell?)

City Mouse